As Salaam – The Flawless One – 99 Names of Allah

As Salaam – The Flawless One
We observe in our daily life that there is nothing perfect. With the passage of time we become mature in our thinking and actions. But despite of this fact, there are several mistakes that we make in our daily life. Hence over the experience of years, we develop the thinking that nobody is perfect. Our religion has given us the gift of 99 names of Allah. By reading these Names and their meanings we can develop a deep understanding of Allah. One of the Names among the 99 Names of Allah is As Salaam which means “The Flawless One”.

Description of As Salaam

99 Names of Allah highlight the powers of Allah. We have been taught since childhood that there is no ruling power but Allah. He is the one who turns day into night and night into day. He is the one who has built everything very precisely. There is nothing in His creation which is useless. There is a purpose of existence behind everything. Allah is the flawless one. He is capable of doing everything with perfection. No doubt He is the Master of everything.

“(He is) the King, the Holy One, as-Salaam, the Granter of Security,
the Watchful Witness, the All-Mighty, the Compelling One, the Justly Proud.”
Surah Hashr [59:23]

We all know that every name in 99 names of Allah describes Him amazingly. There is no doubt about it that He is the most Beneficent and Merciful. When you observe natural phenomena and nature around yourself, you will get to know how perfect everything is. Things are beyond your thinking and reasoning. Allah makes everything perfect and flawless.

Follow teachings of Islam

Learning 99 names of Allah is a way of becoming closer to Allah Almighty. Because by remembering these Names it will make you more mindful of Allah in our minds and hearts. We have involved ourselves so much in routine tasks that we have forgotten our religious obligations. This is due to the fact that we have not developed a deep understanding of Allah Almighty. Help yourself by reading our blog on the 99 names of Allah.